How do we preserve the life of our home planet? In our daily life as we have seen there are too many living things that are being destroyed today so how can we rebuild the planet, well there too many ways to keep our planet alive and in order for us to live freely and peacefully. Well, there are ten ways that we can elaborate to preserve the life of our home planet and this are:

1. Always plant trees, bushes and grass so that we can breath more oxygen.

2. Always take care of the indigenous creatures because this creatures are the only living creatures that have survived after billion years ago.

3. Always make a good use of trees for good purposes.

4. Hunt the only food that you can eat.

5. Avoid the use of things like plastics, foam and other chemicals that can harm our atmospheric system.

6. Do not waste the food that you pick from the trees.

7. Always plant flowers to make our planet a good place to stay.

8. Always water the plants so that they can grow big and can become a shed where we will hide from the heat of a sun.

9. Do not treat the marine mammals like your slaves or prisoners, treat them as your friend or pal.

10. And the most important of all, always take care of our environment the mother nature because this is the only place where we will live if our houses has been destroyed by calamity or disasters.

Well, this are my ways to preserve life for our home planet, but the other things that you want to add, well it is your decision to elaborate the other things that can save our planet from destruction.